Health Design System

This is a work-in-progress but we’re frequently adding to it.

The Health Design System allows designers and developers to provide a unified experience for users of Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care products.

Health Design System across devices

About the Health Design System

It uses the GOLD Design System as its foundation and provides a set of open-source building blocks that can be used to build government products and services more easily.

Guiding principles

The guiding principles behind the Health Design System are:

  1. Build upon and document how Health uses the GOLD Design System
  2. Support the delivery of a unified experience for users of Health products
  3. Provide a centralised resource of usable components, patterns and templates
  4. Prevent duplication, fragmentation and reinvention of the digital wheel
  5. Be platform agnostic
  6. Eat our own dogfood - build the system and use the system!

The following websites use this system: